Bottle Brush - Coconut Husk Bristles


Make bottle cleaning a breeze with this coconut husk bottle brush.

Wooden handle with coconut husk bristles.
Use it for cleaning long glasses or giving your reusable bottle a good scrub.

Total length: 24cm, 
Handle length: 11.5cm

Handle comes complete with a whole and string to make hanging it convenient.
So if you like to hang things to be able to conveniently grab things as you cook or clean, that bit on the end is for you.

Plastic dish brushes or plastic sponges.

Wash by hand (not in the dishwasher)
Clean with hot soapy water.
Tap on the side of sink to shake off excess water.
Hang it from the string to leave drying or lay it down with the bristles facing down.
To have it last longer, whilst washing don't leave it fully emersed in water.

100% package free

Natural wood
Coconut husk bristles

Wood and bristles = 100% compostable.
Metal = 100% recyclable.

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