Japanese Bento Bag

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Made with love by THE BULK HOUSE in Beijing

Material: linen


  • Red striped
  • Blue striped
  • Grey striped


  • S:  32cm W x 33cm H (Sold out!)
  • M: 36cm W x 38cm H
  • L:  45cm W x 45cm H

Why use a Bento bag?

  • bento bags are a beautiful replacement for the pesky plastic bag.
  • plastic bags rarely get recycled or cannot be recycled. 
  • plastic bags are bad for the environment, whilst Bento bags are one with the environment.
  • bento bags look beautiful and stylish. plastic bags are rather ugly (I'm sorry I had to say that, plastic bags)

The Bento Bag can be used in so many ways:

  • carrying home produce
  • taking a snack/lunch to work or to a picnic
  • wrapping up a gift (and gift the Bento Bag as well - give the gift of zero waste at a gift-giving time)
  • organising items in your suitcase or backpack
  • displaying items in your home or shop
  • storing items more beautifully inside drawers or cupboards
  • storing yarn and other sewing items

How to use a Bento Bag:

  • fill the contents of the bag and then tie the ends together once or twice.
  • tie once for quicker access.
  • tie twice to the contents even more secure.
  • carry the bag by holding the knot.

Washing a Bento Bag:

  • simply wash in cold water and line dry.
  • please try to avoid using one of those naughty tumble dryers, they use a lot of energy.

I keep a Bento Bag or 2 in my backpack, handbag and shopping bag so I am always ready to Refuse the pesky plastic bag.