Cotton Tote Bag

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| over the shoulder bag | foldable | eco-friendly |


    • size of bag: 40cm H x 35cm W
    • handle size: 62cm (per loop)
    • top of the loop to top of the bag: 31cm
    • inside pocket: 12cm H x 14cm W


    • double-sided design
    Front side
    The Bulk House logo
    (see photo for the design)
    Reverse side

    I refuse disposable plastic
    (see photo for the design)

    • statement designed so that it can be used almost anywhere in the world.
    • odds on, if the person serving you doesn’t speak Chinese, they read or speak English, or vice versa.
    • double hand: can be held in hand or over the shoulder

    Why use a tote bag from THE BULK HOUSE?

    • join a community of consumers doing their bit for the planet.
    • help to reduce the need to use the pesky plastic bag!
    • always have the 6 R's reminder with you whenever you are.

    The 6 R's: Refuse | Reduce | Reuse | Repair | Recycle | Rot

    A tote bag from THE BULK HOUSE can be used in so many ways:

    • carrying home produce and shopping (buy only what you need and will use)
    • carrying your laptop to work, cafe or friend's place.
    • place small items in the inside pocket for easy access
    • overnight bag, pack like a minimalist, feel like a minimalist, feel free!
    • take it with you to a zero waste picnic.
    • try it as a going out bag, GREEN is the new BLACK!

    Washing the tote bag:

    • simply wash in cold water and line dry.
    • please don't use one of those naughty tumble dryers, they use a lot of energy.