the start
lagom planet (previously THE BULK HOUSE) started out when our founder, Carrie Yu, was moving apartments. As she watched the boxes pile up, she realised she had too much "stuff".

A journey through minimalism began and this led onto to learning about zero waste in the summer of 2016. One year later, Carrie and her partner, Joe, set themselves a challenge to produce as little waste as possible over the course of 3 months. The result was just 2 small jars of waste, both about 500 mls each.

This triggered the realisation that we can live meaningful, fulfilled and convenient lives without creating unnecessary amounts of waste at the same time.

the leap
Realising that 2 people creating 2 jars of waste during 3 months wasn't going to make much of a difference in a city of over 22 million people (Beijing, China), Carrie took the leap to go from her stable job to starting China's 1st zero waste social enterprise to focus on zero waste.

the change
After years of promoting the zero waste concept in China, Carrie can now tell people what she does without them asking "Sorry, "zero waste" what is that?" At the start, the concept was very foreign when she first started talking about it back in 2016.

lagom planet (our new name as of May 2020) advocates for a zero waste world by empowering our customers to make conscious decisions on which products to bring into their lives and which products to leave out. We aspire to create the most respected zero waste platform for customers to get eco-friendly products that are high quality, package-free and beautiful.
A one-stop-shop for all things zero waste.

the future
Change is in the air, sometimes this is visible as smog and other times blue skies, let's work together for a blue-sky future.
With 7.5 Billion in the world and growing fast, gone are the days that we can have "business as usual". The concept of zero waste is still seen as "extreme" by most, but it needs to be realised that this is a concept, and at least for now, not the goal. You've probably heard the brilliant quote from the zero waste chef:
"We don't need a handful of people living zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people living it imperfectly." 

We don't expect or necessarily need everyone to only live with a jar of trash every 3 months or every year, what the world needs is for us all to start living a zero waste lifestyle and move away from the "normal" lifestyle, which, let's be honest, really isn't very normal. 

Let's encourage, remind and inspire each other so that we can work together to make the zero waste lifestyle normal, convenient and beautiful. 

We hope you love our zero waste products as much as we do.