When the founders of THE BULK HOUSE started living zero waste in China, everything thought they were crazy! "2 jars of waste, for 2 people, for 3 months?" Okay, to be honest, people still think Carrie and Joe are a little crazy. They don't even order waimai! (That's food delivery to anyone outside of China) How do they live?

THE BULK HOUSE wants to show to China (and the rest of the world) that living zero waste is convenient, simple and a much better way to live. We want to show, by example, that you can live a zero waste lifestyle wherever you are in the world.

We produce content, hold events and supply an ever-growing range of zero waste products.

ABOUT THE FOUNDERS: Carrie Yu & Joe Harvey

In a journey through minimalism, Carrie came across the zero-waste way of living. With trash everywhere in Beijing it made Carrie look at her own life and realize that these piles of waste are creating so many problems, problems that Carrie herself was contributing to. Carrie said to Joe "Let's try it out and see how it goes." Carrie and Joe quickly realised, through small steps and being conscious that the zero waste lifestyle was much happier and a better way to live. 
After realizing that living a zero-waste lifestyle was the right way to live, Carrie hoped that more people would also understand this lifestyle. 

With this concept, Carrie set up a THE BULK HOUSE, which aims to promote a zero-waste lifestyle, with the 6 R’s guiding the way. In order to reduce the burden that waste has on the environment Carrie and her partner, Joe, began to practice a zero-waste lifestyle and from August they set themselves the challenge to see how little trash they could produce within a 3-month period. 

The result was just 2 small jars of trash.

This was achieved by using tote bags and cotton produce bags when shopping, not using single-use cutlery, ceasing to buy new things and only buying food without packaging. Any food waste from the kitchen was composted, which turns into a nutrient rich soil after about 6 weeks. 

Carrie and Joe were sure that if they want to encourage more people to live a zero- waste lifestyle, they need to set a good example and show how convenient it is to live this way. 



The zero waste store ran from January 2018 to March 2019

To read information about the Gulou store closure, please see here:

THE BULK HOUSE now runs their zero waste store online and all products are shipped without plastic and almost zero packaging.



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