Becoming a zero waster is easy, just need to make small steps and keep on stepping.
Sure, you won't become a zero waster over night, but start small, aim big and you will be a zero waster before you know it. (or, if becoming a zero wasters sounds overwhelming, then just aim to reduce your trash a little bit, every little helps!)

Why? (Always start with why)
We believe that minimalism and zero waste compliment each other beautifully and are a perfect combination for greater happiness. There is no doubt about it, happiness is fun!
Does happiness scratch your why?

The 2nd R of the zero waste mantra is Reduce and you can see this in THE BULK HOUSE's logo. No R is more important than the other, the R's are a family that work together to make the world a happier place to be. The 2nd R, Reduce, is the minimalism part of zero waste.

Imagine using and loving absolutely everything that you own and use!
Well, that is basically what minimalism and zero waste is all about.

I think it is safe to assume (I know, ass, u and me) that no one loves a plastic bag, a plastic straw, a thing that we use once and then throw it away. Throwing something away and saying you love it at the same time cannot really go together.
Instead, we thank amazing people like Bea Johnson, who inspire others to not use single use items, and inspiration can come to us from many angles, here is Bea's:

Don't waste your money disposables, invest in reusables.

Apart from the great benefits that saving money and investing money can bring to us, it is also important to keep in mind how beautiful are planet really is! It really is absolutely amazing! Our earth gives us moments of:
"Oh my goodness! Look at that amazing mountain."
"That lake is so blue and fresh!"
"That ocean makes me feel calm and fortunate."
"Insert moment here that you have said out loud, thought in your head or posted on Instagram

So, keeping in mind how beautiful our planet, we have called Earth, really is, let's keep in mind that it can only stay this beautiful if we look after it.

Becoming a Zero Waster. Why?
Save money?
To look after our beautiful planet?

Whatever your why might be, it doesn't matter. We are just over the moon (a really beautiful moon as well) that you are here with us! Thank you so much for visiting THE BULK HOUSE. Your are welcome in our house any time, make our house your home.

Zero wasters let's get to it!
Explore, embrace, learn and live!

Best place to start: THE 6 R's