Composting workshop with THE BULK HOUSE

Zero Waste Life: Composting Workshop
零浪费生活: DIY 堆肥互动课堂
Joe Harvey 零浪费倡导者 | Zero Waste Advocate
THE BULK HOUSE联合创始人 | Co-founder
Wednesday, May  30, 2018
Networking begins at 7:00pm; workshop starts promptly at 7:30pm, followed by short talk about Zero Waste Lifestyle.
Jiaodaokou Nan Dajie, Xinhua Wenhua Mansion, 5th Floor
(at the southwest corner of the intersection of Gulou Dong Dajie & Andingmen Nei Dajie)
** About the Talk (报告内容) **
In this workshop, learn about why the world desperately needs more people composting! Learn how to turn your home food waste into soil and you will never have to throw food waste into the bin ever again.
The workshop slides will be in English and Chinese.
The workshop will be conducted in English.
** Please Sign-up for Event (活动报名!) **
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In order to make sure to have enough supplies, we need everyone to sign-up ahead of time. 
150 RMB per person | 150 元/位
- includes all materials
- Workshop, compost bin (that you can take home with you) + worms! (your new eco-pet)
**Cash Bar: beer and Beibingyang will be sold on-site**
** About the Speaker (报告 人简历) **
Joe Harvey 零浪费倡导者|Zero Waste Advocate
THE BULK HOUSE联合创始人 |Co-founder
在过去五年时间里,看到身边有大量浪费和塑料垃圾的问题后,Joe开始思考自己生活习惯,希望为更美好的环境做出自己的一点小贡献。在这个过程中,他逐渐意识到精简的生活方式才是自己真正想要的,才能真正为自己带来更多快乐。后来,看到Carrie践行着零浪费的生活方式以及这种方式给她带来的改变后,Joe决定跟随Carrie的脚步加入THE BULK HOUSE,并希望将这种生活方式介绍给更多的人。在团队中,Joe负责针对THE BULK HOUSE6R原则策划各种活动,组织分享和工作坊等。
After watching Carrie, the founder, and Joe’s better half, move towards a zero-waste lifestyle, Joe was influenced and follow in Carrie’s footsteps.
 Joe had already built up a keen interest in solving problems with the environment (with pages and pages of notes and ideas spanning 5 years). During those years, Joe came to realise that living with less stuff in your life truly makes you happier. Joining THE BULK HOUSE with its mission of promoting zero waste exactly what Joe felt he needed to do. Joe believes the key to solving the world's biggest problems is for everyone to adopt a combination of minimalism and zero waste into their lives.
** About 3espace **
北京三一公益基金会(Sany Foundation,简称三一基金会)于2013年12月31日在北京市民政局注册成立。三一基金会以推动科学公益为使命,在理论研究、行动支持和公共倡导三个领域开展项目,致力于建构和推广“科学公益”理论体系、支持专业有效的公益实践行动、培养和提升公众意识,以期提升公益效能,推动中国公益的科学发展,共建充满活力、善意和信任的社会。
** About THE BULK HOUSE **
THE BULK HOUSE 是中国首家致力于倡导零浪费生活的社会企业,通过组织分享零浪费的主题系列活动和内容来引导人们与自然和平共处,并提供一系列日常实用且独具美感的零浪费好物,旨在帮助人们轻松开启一站式零浪费生活之旅。THE BULK HOUSE 为了提倡环境保护,加入1% For The Planet "1%地球税” 的国际环保组织,将产品售出的1%收入捐献给这个组织。我们也将一直支持 “1%地球税”,并希望将我们企业为地球带来的负担降低到最小。

THE BULK HOUSE is the 1st social enterprise in China committed to promoting the zero waste lifestyle. We do this in 3 ways:① Create and promote valuable content. ② Organising events revolving around the 6 R's in our logo. ③ Provide environmentally friendly products to make the zero waste lifestyle more convenient for all. We are proud to be a 1% For The Planet member. This means we contribute at least 1% of our annual sales to environmental causes.
** About BEN & BEER (北京能源网路和北耳简介) **
The Beijing Energy Network (BEN) is a grassroots organization with a mission of promoting knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration in understanding and tackling China’s energy and environmental challenges among individuals and organizations from diverse sectors such as government, finance, industry, media, advocacy, think tanks and academia. The flagship activity of BEN is the Beijing Energy & Environmental Roundtable (BEER), an approximately twice-monthly happy hour/speaker series. BEER events are free or low cost and open to all with no RSVP necessary. Please note, we ask that our speaker's remarks remain off the record unless they otherwise grant permission.
北京能源网络(BEN)是一个旨在加深对中国环境问题的理解和提供解决思路的专业合作平台.该平台定期举办活动来建立北京环保专业人士的联系。The flagship活动是每两个月一次的北京能源和环境圆桌活动,现场会以讨论或系列讲座的形式为主。该活动向所有人开放,入场费低。注:除特殊情况外,活动发言人在现场的所有发言将为非正式,并不留存当。