Convenient composting

Zero waste needs to be made as convenient as possible to get more and more people living a zero waste lifestyle.

6th R: Rot 
This is all about composting. 

A couple of quick, simple tips to make composting much easier for you:

TIP 1: Chop up your vegetable and fruit scraps straight after you have prepared your food. The smaller the better. The smaller the greens and browns that you have in your compost bin, the quicker you will see it all turn into a nutrient rich soil.

After you have taken the skin/peel off the fruit or vegetable

Chop the skin up finely and place it in a bowl.
We keep 1 small bowl in our kitchen and 1 large bowl in our freezer.
Once the small bowl is full we pour into the large bowl in the freezer.
Once the large bowl is full, we pour it into our compost bin. 

Because we have chopped up / torn up the veg and fruit peel as we go we have very little work to do when we go to our compost bin. 

Then, we finish rinse the knife and cut up the fruit.


Eat some and keep some.
We use these little stainless steel containers with silicone lids (which seal real well) to keep an "emergency snack" in. Just in case you can't make lunch or dinner on time that day. 

TIP 2: get a bigger compost bin!
We use an 80 litre compost bin which we then DIY'd ourselves by drilling holes into all sides, the bottom and the lid.

If you are composting indoors, it is best to put the lid back on after you have added to your compost bin. 

We compost on the 12th floor of our apartment block. We place the compost bin in the corner of the corridor that leads to the staircase, so it is not in anyone's way.

Having a good sized compost bin means that you don't need to empty it as often. 
Also shaking up the compost pile is a lot more convenient.