NAKED (nut butters)

Circular economy vs Recycling

Naked could Reuse the jars or Recycle the jars.
Reusing would involve customers returning the jars, washing them out and reusing them.
Alternatively, Recycling is an option. However, they or we do not know much about recycling glass in Beijing.

CALL OUT! If you know about recycling glass in Beijing, please get in touch!
Recycling of glass is unfortunately quite rare in Beijing and we'd like to help out all that we can in finding a solution to it.
If you are a company that recycles glass or know someone who does, please send over an email to:

If we work together and build a platform about everything to do with zero waste we can give EVERYONE quick and easy access to all sorts of solutions and make zero waste convenient for all. If your company has a solution for it, we can then put a page about your company on our website.