It began from frustration

We all have frustrations in life, but how often do we try to do something about them?

Carrie Yu (the founder of THE BULK HOUSE) was frustrated (frustration No. 1) from feeling overwhelmed. Realising that a clear and organised bedroom helped her relax, Carrie decided to make this a more permanent thing and decluttered the things she didn't use, need or love. A journey through minimalism had begun.

As someone who is very fond of long walks, hiking and camping, it was on these walks that Carrie started to notice another thing frustrating her, pollution in the air and pollution (in the form of trash) on the ground (frustration No. 2). From here, Carrie started researching about trash and came across a lady named Bea Johnson who lives a zero waste lifestyle. Bea and her family of 4 only produce 1 jar of trash each year! Inspired, Carrie started to reduce her own trash with the full intention of aiming for zero.

As Carrie reduced her own trash and learnt more about the problems of over-consumption she realised that pollution exists, not because of a number of people in this world, but because of the what these people (herself included) are consuming.

Determined to make a difference and knowing that if you are frustrated about something, you should do something about itCarrie started THE BULK HOUSE and a community of zero wasters to help tackle a real problem with a real solution and a simple formula:

zero waste + minimalism = greater happiness

You are invited with open arms to THE BULK HOUSE. This site has been made for you to explore, question, love and get involved with zero waste and minimalism