Take your zero waste lifestyle out & about with you!
It doesn't need to restrict you, in fact, we find it does the absolute opposite, it is liberating!
Like anything in life, if you have the right tools, it is easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Get yourself a kit!
Produce bag: no need for a little plastic bag when buying fruit, veg, etc
Stainless steel straw: saves another single-use plastic straw being used. Also saves your teeth when drinking coffee, tea, orange juice or any other liquids that can be harmful to your teeth. 
Great quality chopsticks: saves another single-use set of chopsticks being used.
Food canister: great for taking out a healthy snack for me for the also, also great if there is food left over at a restaurant, take it home and eat it the next day. 
Water vessel: bottled water is not only terrible for our planet, it is also a real waste of money, money that you can save and spend else where on something better like going to the cinema, a comedy show or dinner with friends!
Handkerchief: nowadays too many of us are using paper napkins as if they are going out of fashion! So, why not be in fashion? Handkerchiefs can be used again and again.
Top tip: open your mouth wide and carefully place the food inside your gob, saves on having to use your handkerchief too much as there is much less food slapped around your mouth or stuck in beard (or eyebrows)
Tote bag: plastic bags are bad news! Tote bags fold up small and are great for anything you like home: groceries, clothes, new shoes! Plastic bags just look ugly! Get yourself a beautiful tote bag.
Please keep in mind the 6 R's when deciding what to buy. We hope it will soon become 2nd nature to you when thinking about how to consume and discard of things in your life. If you have reusable chopsticks in your home that you will use, then there is no reason to buy a new pair.