At THE BULK HOUSE we practice what we preach.When it comes to packing, we follow the 6R principle in our logo.
1st R: We Refuse plastic packaging. We work with our suppliers so that they do not ship products to us with plastic in the box. Most of our suppliers do this perfectly every time, but, we have to admit, there are a few that forget sometimes. We have been keeping any plastic waste that sneaks into our office and we have been doing that since we started THE BULK HOUSE. One day we will make something useful out of all this messy single-use plastic to ensure that it never ends up in landfill.
2nd R: We Reduce packaging by using only what is needed to get the products safely to the customer.
3rd R: We Reuse boxes from around Beijing. So far, we are proud to say we haven't had to buy any boxes, reducing the demand for more boxes to be made and thus saving trees from being unnecessarily cut down. 
4th R: We even Repair broken boxes so that they can be used again to send out a delivery. Sometimes it means just taping up 1 side of a box so it is strong enough to use again, there are simple solutions to reducing our impact. 
5th R: We Recycle any boxes that are too big to be used for our deliveries.
6th R: Rot, even our sticky tape is biodegradable, we don't use plastic sticky tape.
We ship Monday to Friday.
Orders received before 5pm (Beijing time) will be shipped out the same day. 
Orders received after 5pm on Friday will be be shipped out on Monday.
We also practice what we preach in regards to how the zero waste lifestyle gives you more of a chance to really enjoy life. We don't work at the office at weekends, we usually enjoy our weekends or we spend the weekend running an event, giving a talk or finding some beautiful way of spreading the joy of zero waste. We hope you don't mind that we currently don't ship at the weekends for this reason.
We ship to every province in China. 
We also do international shipping.