Reduce to Relive is a sharing community from THE BULK HOUSE

The community works in 2 ways (it was 3 ways, 1 is under construction):

ONE: Through our Reduce to Relive WeChat groups.

  • We currently have 3 Reduce to Relive groups on WeChat.
  • 1 group is currently quite full with around 500 people.
  • We also have 2 other groups, to join those, please scan 1 of the QR codes.
  • Please don't join multiple groups. Please save space for other people to join. Thank you.

If the above 2 groups are over 100 people, you won't be able to join via the QR code, so please add this WeChat below and a member of THE BULK HOUSE team will add you into the group.


Once you have been accepted, please message to say which group you would like to join.

TWO: a drop off station at our store called THE BULK HOUSE on Gulou Dong Dajie. HOWEVER, we are currently not taking any more donations at our zero waste store in Gulou as we are renovating the back part of our store, so unfortunately you cannot bring any more items to our store until further notice.

If you live in Gulou and want to donate items locally, please take them to Cafe Zarah (which is only 80 metres from our store). All items taking to Cafe Zarah are donated to the charity Roundabout.

For more information about our store, please click here


    You can also declutter and donate directly to the following 2 charities in Beijing.
    Roundabout has many drop-off locations around the city.

    For Roundabout, click here
    For MCF, click here

    THREE: through Reduce to Relive events. These are offline events that take place in different places around Beijing. To hear about those events, we will keep people updated through our website, the Reduce to Relive WeChat groups and also through our Official WeChat account. Scan the QR code below

    You can also stay up-to-date through our website by clicking here

     If you are thinking about decluttering, we couldn't recommend it enough!
    There are so many benefits from decluttering your home, your office, your car, your school (if you are a teacher) or even your store (if you have one). 

    • Feel more relaxed
    • Less stress
    • Find things more easily
    • Get ready quicker before leaving your home
    • Clean your home faster and more easily
    • Feel good by passing on unused items to people who do need them and so will use them.