THE BULK HOUSE composting workshop

Composting workshop


If you would like THE BULK HOUSE to work with your company, school, co-working space, restaurant, cafe, office building, zoo, anywhere really, then please read the following information and contact the email address at the bottom of this page.

Duration of workshop: 1 hour
Cost per attendee: 150 RMB
Includes compost bin and worms [everyone's new cool zero waste pet].
The attendee will take home their very own compost bin to continue composting at home.

Overview of workshop (rough plan on timing):

  • 0 - 3 minutes, intro to zero waste
  • 4 - 25 minutes, why we should compost, negative problems on the environment, positives composting can bring to the environment and other factors. How to compost.
  • 25 - 35 minutes: DIY the bin (a little, we will bring the bins already DIY'd as it can take time to drill holes in 6 sides of a bin, 4 sides, top and bottom), so the bins come with some holes pre-drilled in areas
  • 35 - 50 minutes: getting your hands dirty! This involves tearing up and breaking up food scraps (veg and fruit peel), egg shells, coffee grounds, paper scraps, cardboard scraps, etc.
  • After this is done each person starts a small compost pile with all these things. After that we add some worms. If the venue has some easily available, can also add in a handful of soil.
  • NOTE: we only do a small pile of compost for each attendee as we realised in the past we were making too large a pile and so people were carrying home a heavy compost bin and then also didn't leave enough room for them to put their own home waste into it)
  • Pimp ya bin. Write in English and Chinese that is a compost bin (to help any wondering neighbours realise what it is), add some art to your bin to make it your own.
  • Once the bin and pile is completed...
  • 51 - 60 minutes: summary of composting and how to keep it simple
  • Q & A from the attendees
  • Photo time!
  • Afterwards: sit around chatting about ZW (if time)

What THE BULK HOUSE provides:

  1. Presentation
  2. Compost bins
  3. Worms
  4. Drill

NOTE: if you would prefer we drill all the holes into the bins before we arrive, this is no problem.

What the venue provides:

  1. Food scraps (veg and fruit peel) (no meat!)
  2. Coffee grounds
  3. Egg shells
  4. Paper scraps
  5. Cardboard scraps
  6. a screen/TV to show the presentation on
  7. an extension cable for plugging the electric drill into
  8. a space for the workshop between 10 - 20 people (depending on the number of signups) NOTE: we have had situations where a school (although, it could be any venue) would like to book us for more than 20 people for a workshop, in such a situation, please let us know via email how many people you would like to book for and how many people would like compost bins and we will get back to you about how such a compost workshop would work.

NOTE: We ask the venue to provide the things that go into the compost bin to show a real-life situation of how the things around us can so easily be composted and we explain that to the attendees so they can see that venue we are at has already started to think about the environmental footprint. We have found that it doesn’t matter too much which venue we go to, whether that is an office, a café, a school, a restaurant, a bar, etc, every venue will have such things in the days leading up to the composting workshop. Instead of throwing these things in a bin in the lead up to the workshop, we ask the venue to set these things to one side so that they can be used during the workshop.

How much to keep of the items listed in numbers 1. to 5. will depend on the number of participants. We aim for a minimum of 10 participants and generally a maximum of 20 participants. However, we can have more, see the section above in blue about that.

  • The compost bins used are square, 20 litre buckets, and so a total of about 2 or 3 inches of paper and food scraps is all that is needed at the bottom of the buckets.
  • The venue doesn’t need to worry too much about getting it exact, it’s better to have more than too little though.
  • A good guide would be: enough for each person to have 5 large handfuls of torn up paper and cardboard in their bin + 5 large handfuls of torn up food scraps.

If a venue is interested in a composting workshop by THE BULK HOUSE  then getting the ball rolling is easy.

  • The venue emails us with 2 or 3 different available dates and times for the workshop along with their address in hanzi and pinyin (also a map of how to easily find their venue, if that is available).
  • THE BULK HOUSE checks their calendar to see which date they are also available (and we hope 1 date and time matches).
  • THE BULK HOUSE sets up a Yoopay link so that attendees can easily sign up.

Promoting the event:

  • Both the venue and THE BULK HOUSE will work together to promote the event.
  • THE BULK HOUSE will promote the event with a title such as: “Venue name x THE BULK HOUSE composting workshop” so that venue/company is advertised 1st.
  • In the Yoopay link their will be an “About” section about the venue/company (whether that is a bar, restaurant, café, company etc) to help promote even more that the venue is doing good things for the environment. 

Where THE BULK HOUSE will promote the event:

  • WeChat Moments (about 8,000 contacts across the team phones)
  • WeChat groups, around 15 to 20 groups (mainly zero waste groups or environmental groups, so very targeted groups who will be interested to know about more companies/organisations in Beijing that are taking an interest in protecting the environment)
  • THE BULK HOUSE public WeChat account (almost 5,000 followers)

Other places THE BULK HOUSE are likely to also post include:

  • Weibo
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

The venue is welcome to advertise however they like.
The venue is also welcome to make a poster for the event.
The venue is welcome to use the information in our Yoopay link to help make the poster for this particular composting workshop.
THE BULK HOUSE will email across their logos to the venue so that can include the logo in their advertising material if they so wish to do so.

That should hopefully be everything.

    To book THE BULK HOUSE, please email: 

    Have we missed anything? Please let us know about any questions or queries via email. Thank you!

    Alternatively, if you would like to book us to give a talk, please click here

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