THE BULK HOUSE zero Waste talk

Zero Waste talk


Our main mission is promoting zero waste and minimalism and make it convenient for all.

In doing so, we give a lot of talks about zero waste and minimalism around Beijing and the rest of China. We haven’t been outside of China yet, but, we are definitely interested if you are a venue outside of China and you would like to invite us.

We have given talks in many places over the past 12 months. We have been at BANFF (Canadian film festival focusing on extreme sports), many schools, zero waste events, environmental events, co-working spaces, online to millions of viewers, via Skype to schools in other parts of China, Embassies and many more.

About the talk:

  • Duration total: 50 minutes to 1 hour
  • Talk duration: about 30-40 minutes
  • Q & A: 20 – 30 minutes


As we are a very small team (most of the time we are just 2 people, some days of the week we are 3 people) usually only 1 member of the 2 co-founders can attend a talk. So, it will be either Joe Harvey or Carrie Yu.
Even if both of the co-founders can attend, the talk will only be done in 1 language, as giving the talk in 2 languages takes too long.
However, when both co-founders do attend a talk it is likely that the Q&A session will involve both Joe and Carrie stood on stage ready to answer questions.

Languages of the talk:
English by Joe Harvey
Chinese by Carrie Yu
The PPT slides are in both English and Chinese

 The talk covers:

  • How THE BULK HOUSE came to be.
  • What is zero waste.
  • Why we need to start adopting zero waste elements into our lives.
  • The 6 R’s of zero waste.
  • How to slowly hack your life and start moving towards zero waste.
  • What THE BULK HOUSE does.
  • How the audience can get involved with zero waste.
  • Q & A of any question whatsoever! The more challenging the better.

The cost of the talk:

Good news! We currently give talks for free. We will continue to give talks in May and June 2018 for free. The only thing we ask for is if we have travel expenses to get to the venue that the venue can cover those for us.

In general, we will either: walk, bike, diandongche or subway to a venue, so most of the time the travel is free anyway (we won’t ask to be compensated for the 3 RMB – 8 RMB subway journey)

If we need to take a taxi, train or flight then we will ask to be compensated for that.

Travelling to other cities in China for a talk:

If you are in a city outside of Beijing then it is likely we will need to stay for 1 night in that city. In such an occasion, the situation would be:

  • If during May and June 2018, the talk is still free.
  • Travel paid for.
  • Accommodation paid for.

The venue only needs to prepare:

  • A screen/TV for the PPT to be shown on
  • A microphone if the room is so large that microphone is needed
  • The biggest audience they can possible get to attend (the more the merrier).
  • Water (but not in plastic bottles, haha!)


If a venue is interested in having THE BULK HOUSE to their venue/company to give a talk then getting the ball rolling is easy.

  • The venue emails THE BULK HOUSE with 2 or 3 different available dates and times for the talk along with their address in hanzi and pinyin (also a map of how to easily find their venue, if that is available).
  • THE BULK HOUSE checks their calendar to see which date they are also available (and we hope 1 date and time matches).
  • That’s it!
  • THE BULK HOUSE will be there on time excited to spread the joy of zero waste.

If you would like to book THE BULK HOUSE to give a talk about zero waste then please get in touch via email

Please email:

Alternatively, if you would like to book THE BULK HOUSE for a composting workshop, please click here

Making zero waste convenient for all

Zero Waste talk