What is minimalism?

Minimalism means to live with absolutely nothing and never spend any money and live a boring and mundane life where you stare at a white wall whilst drinking from a white cup filled with tap water. For dinner you might have a bowl of dust and some lettuce leaves. For dessert a bowl of ice cubes.

Just kidding! 
It is the absolute opposite (except the bowl of ice cubes part, love them!)

Minimalism is living the most meaningful you could possibly live. It means to live life consciously and with purpose and to do all the things that you want to.
To live this type of life, people moving towards a minimalistic lifestyle will likely reduce things from their home. A minimalist will keep all the things that use and need. All of these things will bring joy to their life and they are likely to use nearly all of their things on a regular basis.

For example: if you gaze into your jam-packed wardrobe each morning unable to clearly see how many clothes you have and wonder "What should I wear?" "I have nothing to wear!" then it is likely you have too many clothes and your wardrobe is overwhelming you. If you have 15 shirts but find that you only ever wear 6 of them, then why keep the other 9 shirts? In this situation, once you have decided which shirts you want to Reduce out of your life, you can take decide to:
1) Sell 
2) Give away to friends
3) Swap 
4) Donate to charity

In whatever you decide to do with each of those 9 shirts, just try your best not to send any of them to landfill.

If a shirt is so torn or dirty that it can no longer be used as an item of clothing, then there are some options for it:

1) Repurpose the item (could it be turned into a bag?)
2) Recycle it

Minimalism is a journey! (I know this sounds cheesy and cliche, I hate that I have even just wrote that sentence, but, it does best sum it up). You don't go from having a home full of things to only having what you need, use and love overnight. It takes a little bit of time. Work on one section of your home at a time or once category at a time.