What is Zero Waste Beijing?

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Beijing is such an amazing city! We want to contribute to making the city an even greater place to live, work, have fun and relax!

We believe capital cities should be the cities that others look up to. With Beijing being the capital city of the most populated country in the world and also the country with the fastest growing economy we believe that a fast growing economy needs to ensure there is a balance between progress and environmental protection taking place in all areas of its city.

Zero Waste Beijing is a group wanting to make a real difference and change people's lives for the better. We believe that by working together with companies, restaurants, bars, organisations, schools, hotels, homes (you name it) we can eliminate the pollution and waste within Beijing and throughout our planet. 

There are many ways you can start moving towards a Zero Waste lifestyle TODAY!

For anyone who asks us "How to start?" we suggest, the easiest first action to take is to try not to use any plastic bags for your next grocery shop. That's it! Start small, aim big!

What can Zero Waste Beijing do for you?
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