Welcome to the ZERO WASTE BOOK CLUB!
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I am sure many of us have many books that sit on shelves, perhaps you have read them, perhaps never read them or perhaps you have read some of them. 

Books are an amazing amazing resource that should be shared and not just collected for your own use. If we share our resources we will spread knowledge, joy and build a community. 

If you read e-books, that's fine, please join our club and share information about the books you are currently reading. 

Audio book recommendations are also welcome. 

If interested, the for and against for audio books:

- You can listen to audio books when doing mundane tasks like:
a. Washing up
b. Standing on a packed subway (and so holding a book is difficult to do)
c. Cycling or walking somewhere (if cycling, be careful to not have the audio book too loud so that you can still hear the traffic #safety1st)

- If we only listen to audio books we don't get any time for silence. Silence is an extremely important part of life then many of us are NEVER getting any more. Here is a an amazing documentary that explains why:

Because I live in a busy city, for the silence reason alone, that is why I choose to have a mix of books, e-books and audio books in my life. The books and e-books are, unfortunately, the only times in my day where I get silence + no technology (I don't place e-books when read on a Kindle in the same category as other tech. We can talk about that another time). 

If you would like to also join our ZERO WASTE DOCUMENTARY CLUB!