Bamboo Ear Cleaner [SET of 4]


Ditch the single-use cotton swaps / single-use Q-Tips / cotton buds and get yourself a reusable ear cleaner. Use. Clean. Reuse. Repeat.

Swap the swab for a bamboo reusable.

A much healthier way to clean your ear as push cotton puds into your ear canal can sometimes embed ear wax, where as this reusable ear cleaner allows you to remove the ear wax much more easily and safely.

Ear cleaner
Ear pick
Ear spoon
Ear scraper
Wax remover
Mimikaki (a Japanese word)
There are many ways to refer to this item.

Rinse under the tap and dry with a normal towel.

Rinse under the tap and dry with a towel.

100% package free

100% bamboo

Moso bamboo, a commerical species, not eaten by pandas

100% biodegradable and compostable.

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