Biodegradable Sticky Tape - with Zero Waste Message


Remove plastic from every area of your life with this strong, handsome, non-plastic sticky tape. 45 metres x 6cm

Colour: natural kraft paper colour.

Dimensions: 45 metres x 6cm

As we spread the word about zero waste, 1 aspect is the idea of reusing as many things as possible. As we encourage our community to reuse cardboard boxes (as we see them as a very reusable item that can be used many times before being recycled, we realised that could increase the likeliness of the item being reused if there was a message on the box). 

Instead of just having this printed on a new box, although this would be good, we realised an even better way to do this is on the tape. This is because we are often reusing random boxes ourselves and so we can now seal a box with a biodegradable whilst also passing on the 3rd R message of REUSE! Then, when someone receives it, they get the reminder of "REUSE THIS BOX" or if the box ends up in the hands of someone who doesn't know about zero waste, they now get a nice little educational message.

- - - -

Cut at the length needed, wet the corn-starch side of the tape and stick to the box. 
Boxes do not need to be wrapped in sticky tape, just seal the sides that could be opened and that is all.

For padding out the box, instead of plastic or foam or bubble-wrap, we recomend re-using newspaper. We buy unsold newspapers that end up the recycling depots around Beijing and before they are recycled we reuse them to pad out boxes. We've been doing this for over 2 years now and even when sending out our reusable glass bottles we still only use newspaper or, if needed, some extra cardboard to keep the glass safe from breaking. If you can encourage the receiver to reuse and later recycle then we are going have a beautiful circular economy in no time.

You can write on the paper side of the tape.

The tape will soften slightly when wet, but it will be very strong once it has dried on the box. It dries very quickly.

The tape won't stick to plastic tape, so remove any plastic tape from the area of the box you are about to stick this tape to.

You can read about what we do with old plastic tape on boxes that we rescue to be reused on our blog.

Plastic sticky tape.

Store in a cool, dry place. 

100% package free

Made from kraft paper, corn starch glue and fibre glass.

The corn starch is what makes the tape sticky.
The fibre glass reinforces the tape.

This tape is biodegradable.

The great thing about this tape is that it reinforces the box. So, if everyone kept sealing a box with this tape, as it gets passed on the box would be able to be used for longer.

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