Cotton Utensil Roll - 2-sections


Hand-woven in Guizhou, China With this utensil roll, you will always be ready to tell those plastic utensils to "fork-off!"


A double layer of pure cotton to keep your cutlery safe and secure.

Natural unbleached cloth. No chemicals in the dye. 

Choose between 2 colours:
Chequered blue
Natural White

Because it is all natural, you might see little flecs / specs of colour on your utensil set, these are not stains, this is just because it is not dyed with chemical dye you get to see what products made from nature actually look like.

Use as utensil/cutlery/tableware roll.
Some of our customers also use it as beautiful pencil case.

Dimensions: 43cm (total length x 6cm (wide)
Once folded closed it will be about 20cm in length (adjust it to the size of yourf tableware)

Using this cutlery roll helps you to remove the need to ever use single-use cutlery/utensils.

Hand-wash (recommended).
Can also throw into the washing machine on a cold wash (remember, aim for a full load, more eco that way).
Air dry (better for the environment as well).

100% package free

100% cotton

100% compostable and 100% recyclable.
Please remember to try up-cycling/repurposing before recycling

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