Dish brush + 1 x Head Replacement [2-Piece SET]


A beautiful dish brush that has replaceable head with compostable bristles. Clean dishes, clean planet. Have your replacement head at the ready. Compost your used ones and then click here to order replacements to be eco-ready all year round.

Wooden handle with a metal hook on the end to allow you easily hang the dish brush. Easy to replace wooden with hemp bristles head.

Dish brush length: 23cm 
Dish brush head dimensions: 7cm x 4.5cm

Wooden dish brushes were the norm, then they weren't (someone made plastic mainstream), now let's make them the norm again. Fully biodegradable, scrubs really well and you can replace the head, what's not to like!

Let's keep re-designing products so that parts of them are reusable and other parts of the are compostable.

Plastic dish brushes or plastic sponges.

Wash by hand (not in the dishwasher)
Clean with hot soapy water.
Tap on the side of sink to shake off excess water.
Hang it from the hook to leave drying or lay it down with the bristles facing down.
To have it last longer, whilst washing don't leave it fully immersed in water.

100% package free

Natural beech wood
Hemp bristles

All metal parts are recyclable.
Bristles are biodegradable.
Wooden handle is also biodegradable.

When composting the head, pull the bristles out using pliers and remove the metal staples from base of the bristles. Recycle the staples and compost the rest.

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