Hand-Made Cast Iron Yarn Scissors


Unleash the DIYer in you with these beautiful scissors for your sewing box.

Lightweight, sharp, sturdy and ergonomic.
Material: Cast Iron
Weight: 10 grams
Size: 10cm x 2cm

The 5th R: Repair
The beautiful saying: "A stitch in time, saves nine" couldn't be needed any more than in our modern day where a throwaway culture seems like it is taking over.
Repair whatever you can't reuse and keep all the items you need, use and love in great shape by cleaning them up from time-to-time and repairing whenever they need a fix-up.

Use when sewing on a button, cleaning up a new product you've made during an arts n crafts session or to clean up your tote bags and reusable produce bags.

Low-quality scissors.
Scissors made of plastic.

Store in a cool dry place.

To maintain them, you can rub a little bit of oil on the scissors from time-to-time to prevent oxidation/rust.

100% package free

Cast iron

With proper care, this item should last a life-time.
100% recyclable.

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