Metal Clothing Peg / Clip - with hook - [SET of 10]


Plastic ones break too easily (and they are plastic) Wooden ones also break too easily (because when wood gets wet it softens) There are some products that should be strong and made from stainless steel, this is one of them.

A strong, clothing peg/metal clip.
304 Stainless steel

Peg with hook:
??cm long x  1.5cm

First and foremost it can be used to securely hold clothing to any clothing line.
No longer have to worry about seeing your clean clothes blown onto the ground.

The clip is also very handy for many other reasons, including: 
1. Clip bags closed, 
2. keep together a group of documents (much stronger than a paper clip)
3. Securely hang children's paintings to dry
4. If staying in a hostel or a hostel and the curtains aren't staying clsoed properly, this is a handy clip to keep them together.
5. Use it for hanging up children's birthday cards.

Although you might see in a cartoon a character pegging their nose closed when there is unpleasant smell, we don't recommend it with this peg, it is a little too strong for that.

Plastic or wooden clothing begs.

Plastic pegs break too easily (and, well, they are plastic).

Wooden pegs also break too easily (because when wood gets wet it softens).

Store in a cool dry place.

100% package free

304 Stainless steel

With proper care this should last a lifetime.
100% recyclable.

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