Natural Sponge - Large


100% biodegradable natural sponge, handpicked from the Mediterranean.

Once wet, the sponge is so soft, it will feel like washing yourself with a cloud (if you know what that feels like). 

Size: 11cm - 13cm

After use/caring for your sponge: gently squeeze the sponge to remove water (but, don't wring it out) and then leave on the side in your bathroom to air dry.

How we pack: All products delivered from THE BULK HOUSE are delivered plastic-free including our paper + cornstarch sticky tape.

End of life: 100% biodegradable (can naturally biodegrade in a home compost bin or city compost facility).

Beautifully soft, natural sponge. Hand-picked from the Mediterranean (Aegan Sea)

Dimensions vary slightly: between 11cm - 13cm long

Plastic sponges

After using, rinse with clean water and squeeze gently to drain out excess water.

Do not squeeze too strongly or wring it out (as in twist too strongly).

To increase longevity: 
leave the sponge on the side of  bath in a dry place or away from the stream of the shower head.

100% package-free

Natural sponge

100% compostable

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