Safety Razor Replacement Blades [10-pack]


If your blades become dull, add in a new sharp blade. Get a closer, more affordable and plastic-free shave with these eco-friendly and sharp razor blades.

If you are starting to run low on blades, order a refill pack (10 blades per pack)

This smart design makes replacing the blade convenient and really safe.

Beautifully sharp blades means you do not need to apply much pressure for a smooth shave.

Top tip:
use short strokes when shaving intead of long strokes (like you would with the commonly seen razors on the market).

Ever realised this?
Blades supplied by the big razor companies are made from plastic, metal and rubber! Who is going to take the time to separate those 3 materials and recycle them? Also realising that the plastic and rubber might even be recyclable.

The solution:
1 blade, all metal, fully recyclable. You are welcome, my friend. You are welcome, my planet.

43mm * 26mm * 110mm 

Single-use razors (of any materil)

Also a replacement for the common blade heads you see that are made from 3 materials: plastic, rubber and metal. These are extremely unlikely to be recycled, due to the time it would take to separate those 3 materials, it would be economical for recyclers to separate it.

After shaving, screw the bottom of the razor and the head will butterfly open. Remove the blade (holding the short end, the long end is the sharp part) and then shake or pat dry and leave the razor and the blade in a dry place.

This takes about 10 seconds and will allow you to use the same blade for longer.

Cardboard box around the razor or it will just be wrapped in a piece of scrunched up paper.

The 10-blades also come in a cardboard box, we are all-in on zero waste, but also care about the safety of our customers, so we can't send the blades without packaging, that would be a little dangerous.

Stainless steel

100% recyclable in metal recycling.

We recommend putting the blades into a thick envelope or a small box and writing on the box or envelope what is inside. 

For recycling something that could hurt someone, e.g. a sharp razor blade, we hand that the box of used 10 blades directly to recycling people we know so that they can be safe and safely put it into the correct recycling section at the recycling sections.

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