Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

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100% organic cotton mesh bag (including the label)

With drawstring closure.

Natural | Reusable | Beautiful

Designed so you can go grocery shopping without plastic bags!


  • Extra small: 18cm x 22cm
  • Small: 25cm x 30cm
  • Medium: 30cm x 38cm
  • Large: 35cm x 45cm

Colour: natural white

How we pack: All products delivered from THE BULK HOUSE are delivered plastic-free including our paper + cornstarch sticky tape.

End of life: 100% biodegradable! Remember to follow the 6 R's (see our logo for a reminder)

  • Perfect for grocery shopping
  • Available in 4 sizes: Extra Small (18cm x 22cm) Small (25cm x 30cm) Medium (30cm x 38cm) Large (35cm x 45cm)
  • Join the growing community of consumers doing their bit for the planet!
  • Help to reduce the need to use the pesky plastic bag!
  • Breathable bag! Can place straight into refrigerator or cupboard, saving you time on unpacking your groceries. 
  • Mesh bags are stretchy. 
  • Due to the mesh design, you can easily identify what is inside.
  • THE BULK HOUSE is China’s 1st zero-waste brand focusing on zero waste and minimalism.
  • Eco-friendly | Reusable | Organic | Natural | Zero Waste | Biodegradable
  • We also do a set. You save money when buying sets. Small, medium and large for 75 RMB (Saves your 15 RMB!)
  • Multipurpose bag: shopping | storing | organising | washing | beach bag
  • We recommend washing bags before using them. Simply wash in cold water and hang them to dry (We recommend you do not use a tumble dryer, they use up a lot of energy and are not good for the environment. Sorry tumble dryers, we mean no offence)
  • Organic bag! Purchasing organic is placing a vote and saying “I don’t want toxic chemicals in my products!” No, no, no thank you!