Silicone Soap Tray


A biodegradable soap tray with ventilaton holes. The holes help give your soap bar a longer life. Complete with a scrubber on the back, so it is multi-use - zero waste thinking.


Consciously designed:
Concave shape hugs your soap bar keeping it snuggled in place.
The holes on the bottom allow for quick drainage meaning your soap bar will be wet for less time and that means it will last longer (stops it going soggy). 
The ridged back gives it grip on your kitchen surface, side of the bar or a shelf in the shower. This ridged back is also there so you can use the soap tray as a scrubber to scrub stains off clothes. 

"Just try and break me, I dare you!" Although it would be odd to vandalise your own things (or anyone elses things for that matter) drop it as often as you like, it's made from silicon, it's not going to break (Items that can't break, that's also zero waste thinking). 

Colours: choose from 1 of 4 colours that will match your bathroom or kitchen design.
Weight: 65 grams
Dimensions: 11.4cm x 7.5cm x 1.8cm

Plastic soap holders

Dishwasher safe

100% package-free

100% food-grade silicone

If you ever get to a point where this can no longer be used, the great thing about silicone is that it can be burned and the ashes can be composted.

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