Stainless Steel Straw

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| stainless steel | eco-friendly | green alternative | reusable | green |

Choose from 3 different straw sizes with 2 different styles (bent or straight)

    NOTE: If you would like to add extra cleaning brushes to your order (perhaps you are sharing a set with a friend or family member?), please remember to add extra cleaning brushes to your order:

    • 2 RMB = cleaning brush suitable for thin straws
    • 4 RMB = cleaning brush suitable for medium/thick straws


      • silver

      The 3 sizes: 

      • 215mm x 6mm (thin): perfect for all non-thick drinks
      • 215mm x 8mm (medium): "the all-rounder" (can be used for non-thick drinks and smoothies/milkshakes)
      • 215mm x 10mm (thick): perfect ideal for smoothies and milkshakes


      • 304 food grade stainless steel straw
      • THE BULK HOUSE brand placed near the tip of the straw
      • smoothed edges on both ends of the straw

      Why use a stainless steel straw from THE BULK HOUSE?

      • plastic straws really suck! 
      • use a sleek and cool alternative to the boring plastic straw.
      • plastic straws are very rarely recycled, the stainless steel straw is a great green alternative.
      • plastic straws often end up in our oceans and cause many problems for our marine life.
      • apart from the better drinking experience and looking way cool, you will also be doing your bit for the planet! Go you! You eco-warrior!
      • THE BULK HOUSE will thank you for it as we encourage the world to move towards Zero Waste.
      • stainless straws make an interesting and unique gift! If you would like to gift a straw to a friend or family member, please remember to buy an extra brush so your gift is easy to clean for the zero waster you gift the straw to.
      • please remember to use zero-waste packaging wherever possible!

      How we pack: All products delivered from THE BULK HOUSE are delivered plastic-free including our sticky tape! Our sticky tape is made from paper + cornstarch sticky tape.

      Cleaning the straws:

      • simply wash in hot water with dish detergent and scrub the inside of the straw with the cleaning brush from either side of the straw.
      • if using the straw for a smoothie/milkshake, to make things easier for you, we recommend cleaning the straw as soon as possible after finishing your drink.
      • straws are dishwasher safe.